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Timber is Transcendent

LANSERRING style is – in its purest form – about materiality and craftsmanship.

Our designs are characterised by thoughtful layering of materials to create tactile and liveable spaces which enrich the lives of their inhabitants.

Timber is the foundation of a LANSERRING material palette. Against cool marble and metallic detailing, it introduces warmth and softness. With hand painting and luxurious oil staining, we are able to render precise shades for custom colour palettes.⁠

Timber is transcendent: it captures time in its very texture. Its subtle ridges form fascinating patterns, both geometric and chaotic, reminding us of our own strange and wonderful mortality.⁠

Here we offer a few samples of timber from the LANSERRING materials gallery, as well as our photographs of the sustainably managed woodlands surrounding our workshops from which we source them.

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