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The LANSERRING Apprenticeship Scheme

At LANSERRING, every bespoke project comes to life in our workshop in Austria, where our master craftsmen have been trained to excel and achieve the highest standard of quality. Here we create unique pieces that enhance everyday life, whilst withstanding the rigours of life.

At the heart of this process are our apprentices, who are often recruited from the same college that LANSERRING co-founder and CEO Bernd Radaschitz attended. Apprentices study every aspect of the craft, learning to design and make, while working alongside our in house artisans. The workshops have been recruiting and training apprentices since it first opened its doors in 1923. It is a long-standing tradition and respected mode of education, and apprenticeships in Austria are source of national pride.

Nowadays apprentices attend college between the ages of 15 –18 years old. In intimate classes of just 15, they hone their skills whilst keeping a key focus on health and safety at all times. During their first year of study, the students are not permitted to use the machinery at all and must first prove a respect for the process and the collaboration between man and machine. Alongside this they study maths, German, English and political studies. This comprehensive learning is complimented by extra-curricular competitions throughout the school year that encourage students to engage their imaginations, empowering the new and innovative thinkers.

Upon completion of a three or four year college course pupils can go on to further develop their skills at a Masters School for another two years. This course focuses on joinery, interior design and architecture as well as core skills such as business management, sales and project management. Their final exam takes the form of a masterpiece creation created in just one week in the college’s workshop. Briquettes are made from the scrap wood produced and are used to heat the entire workshop, sustainability being integral to every project.

At LANSERRING we invest in the quality of product through the quality of craftsmen by maintaining this trusted and revered tradition of apprenticeships. Every student that works with us during their studies is encouraged to pursue their individual specialisms and is then aided in finding a permanent role suited to their abilities. Apprentices bring fresh perspective and modern trends that we can utilise and learn from to keep our designs innovative and practical for the ever the changing world. For those that continue in our workshop their training and development is a lifelong journey of exceeding excellence and perfecting every individual project.

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