Journal | Craftsmanship

The Breakfast Cupboard

The breakfast cupboard in our Barnes House kitchen tells a story through craftsmanship.

Positioned near the island’s bar stools, it has its own internal worktop and plenty of pull-out storage for cereals, bread and dried foods. The drawers feature traditional finger joints and are detailed to look like autumnal storage for picked fruit, allowing the air to circulate and prevent spoiling. 

A LANSERRING kitchen is a work of art designed to be lived in. Functioning as a stage for family life, its features must complement and support your lifestyle. To the curious eye, a piece like this Breakfast Cupboard makes a statement about our client’s values and family. It is dynamic and organised, hard-working and tasteful.

Though a substantial piece, it is colour-matched to the surrounding walls and woodwork and subsequently almost melts away into the background.⁠

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