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Saltaire by LANSERRING

Saltaire by LANSERRING

LANSERRING is proud to present a new collection, Saltaire: our concept for luxury in a new age. Inspired by its own canvas, it finds its home in this repurposed industrial space, dating back to the 1800s. Our design celebrates the innate character of the historical architecture and in doing so, seeks to redefine the meaning of luxury for a sustainably-minded contemporary family.

Saltaire takes its name from a Yorkshire worker community – now a world heritage site – originally founded by a philanthropic industrialist during the revolution. For this collection, our design team focused on principles of community and harmonious living, and our new collection is the culmination of those musings.

Saltaire feels airy and informal, pulling in natural light and a sense of the outdoors through a sheltered winter garden for which we removed the skylights, drawing in fresh cool air. In the original brick buttresses of the old factory, we discovered the perfect punctuation points for our installations. The pieces feel harmonious but distinct – coherent but individual.

The effect is one of an art gallery, where artistically crafted but functional pieces elevate the art of cooking. A favourite feature among our team is the sink and preparation block. The entire run is machined from two monolithic blocks of mossy Calacatta marble. At the back, there is a trough to be populated with soaps, condiments, planters or succulents. From the spacious preparation space, your sightline extends into the winter garden and through the windows again into the dining and living area.

Saltaire reworks the open-plan concept, preserving the community atmosphere while creating distinct spaces and emphasizing individual installations.

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