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It is our pleasure to introduce LANSERRING’s new collaboration: an exclusive set of four knives designed in collaboration with Savernake Knives. Together, we have infused the spirit of LANSERRING into these high-performance tools for your kitchen.We were honoured to work with Savernake Knives, whose world-class products are used by Michelin starred chefs and discerning private persons alike.

Laurie Timpson and his small team are craftsmen after our own hearts, utterly devoted to excellence. Based in an old sawmill on the fringes of the Savernake Forest in Wiltshire, they use a combination of aerospace technology and artisanal techniques to put British knife-making on the map.At the outset of the project, we came to realise that there is no such thing as the perfect knife; there is only your perfect knife. As such, we designed four different knives, varying in weight, shape and size, and wholly customisable for LANSERRING clients. With one for each member of the family, the final set is perfect for spending a slow Sunday at home preparing a roast dinner together.

In this shared experience, families can pass on their appreciation of cuisine and craftsmanship to the next generation.The final design is a striking departure from the permanent collection at Savernake Knives. Alongside their specialist team we sourced durable, high performance materials that align with the classic LANSERRING luxe aesthetic. On the handle, a burnt caramel mopane hardwood from Mozambique pairs with an inky African blackwood. The moment of balance is pinpointed with a minimalistic brass embellishment. The blade is made from PVD coated Swedish Sandvik steel, achieving a muted champagne gold tone.

Any of these knives can be customised to your own preferences, whether that be exact colour matches, material palette alignment, or preferred blade weight and shape. Across the cheek of the blade, finely etched lines form amorphous sculptural shapes that appear to suggest whirling winds. In fact, when the full set of knives are laid flat together, a complete image forms: a topographical map of Riegersburg, the Austrian ancestral home of LANSERRING.The LANSERRING X SAVERNAKE KNIVES collection is the perfect accent to your kitchen: the final flourish to a complete composition. To acquire your own, please get in touch here.

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